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Dubber built their first website eight years ago on WordPress. As the business gained traction, it became clear WordPress was not a viable long-term solution and they needed to find an alternative that could scale with them.


Dubber is an ASX-listed unified call capture and conversational AI company headquartered in Melbourne and operating throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. The company is experiencing exponential growth, helping service and solution providers (network operators and VoIP platforms) address margin erosion and customer attrition by providing value-added services they can sell to customers. 

Like many high-growth tech companies, Dubber’s initial public website was built using WordPress. This served them well for a period; however, WordPress was not a viable long-term solution.  Beyond the inherent performance and functional limitations, WordPress does not meet the stringent security standards of Dubber’s customers and technology partners.

Having decided to move away from a monolithic CMS early on, Dubber narrowed the potential solution set down to a set of API-first Headless CMS vendors, which included Storyblok and Contentful. Dubber eliminated open-source options like Strapi and Ghost early due to a lack of specific vendor support and incomplete feature sets.

The challenge for any organization considering implementing a headless CMS is precisely how to go about building the front-end as, by definition, a headless CMS does not have a ‘head’ in the traditional sense. Dubber was sensitive to the fact that building and maintaining a completely custom front end could be costly in the long run and would not give them the flexibility they needed. These factors led them to look for an alternative way of delivering the front end, which led them to Octana.


Why Dubber Chose Octana

  • Octana delivers responsive web pages quickly and efficiently.

  • It is SEO-friendly, as discoverability is essential to Dubber’s growth.

  • It is professionally supported and hosted in the cloud.

  • It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce + Pardot – Dubber’s MarTech solution

  • It is highly scalable and secure - the website is subjected to frequent third-party security audits by customers and technology partners.

  • It has the flexibility to allow content to be localized for global markets.

  • It integrated easily with Dubber's existing identify platform to provide Resellers and Partners secure access to certain content.

Above all else, however, Octana is marketing-friendly, which is pivotal in Dubber's decision as they did not want to invest large amounts of developer resource building and maintaining a website when it could be better used developing its own product.

Octana integrates with and complements Contentful. It includes a flexible UI Kit that makes it easy for marketing teams to create beautiful web pages from a wide range of features (such as grids, cards and forms etc.). Octana also makes it easy for multiple users to author content quickly and easily at scale without incurring any publishing delay.
Octana works exclusively with Contentful and is proven to be a practical cost-effective way of delivering beautiful websites with Contentful.

The combination of Contentful and Octana met all Dubber’s selection criteria and led them to implement their new website on the Contentful + Octana stack. It took the team 16 weeks to get from the initial workshop to the live site, and the business is delighted with the result. Marketing has the control it wants; the IT team has the oversight it needs, and the site delivers the experience Dubber’s customers demand.


The Results

  • 01

    Ranking page 1 in Google for the key terms Dubber was targeting.

  • 02

    Meeting its PageSpeed Insights performance targets (99%).

  • 03

    Increasing online engagement.

  • 04

    Supporting a team of 16 simultaneous content creators across the globe.

  • 05

    The project came in under budget with a total cost that was at least 40% less than the cost of building a complete custom front-end from scratch with a predictable and fixed budget for ongoing support and maintenance.

Dubber Case Study Desktop

“The performance, security and user experience we’ve achieved working with Octana are second to none. Our global clients and technology partners have the highest expectations in this regard, and we are regularly subjected to rigorous third-party audits without incident. We would not pass such scrutiny if we were still using Wordpress or had taken another monolithic, CMS-lead approach.”

Stuart Parker | Head of Digital, Dubber


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