Kickstart your build with our Professional Services

Kickstart your Contentful build, or add bespoke integrations — whatever you need to help you deliver faster. Octana Professional Services offer multiple ways to get your Contentful site set up, and running efficiently, including core site build, branding application, content migration, and training to give your team greater content control, faster. 


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Go live with an Octana and Contentful powered site in 100 days or less

Breakdown delivery bottlenecks and go live in 100 days. Our KickStarter Package gets you online sooner. Whether you’re building a completely new site or re-platforming an existing site, the combination of Octana + Contentful is the fastest and most predictable way to get your site live, and we’re experts at making it happen. Here’s how it works.

Days 1 - 14

Create UI Kit. We apply your organization's brand and existing design system to the Octana SmartUI kit. This will provide you with a comprehensive grab-and-go library of components that match your brand.

Days 15-21

Octana Core Build. We use your digital style guide to start standing up your site, including pages, architecture, and existing integrations, plus setting up the Octana toolkit to suit your needs.

Days 22-99

Start creating pages. Your content authors can start creating pages and loading content or engage Octana's team to help. We can also add any new integrations, implement custom features, and automate migration from an existing CMS if required.

Day 100

Go-Live! Octana will manage your deployment to Netlify, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or self-host. Manage your site ongoing with the Octana app for Contentful with SLA and support available.



Service Solutions

Tap into our expertise and use the Octana Professional Services team to help you go live faster, expand your site, manage issues as they arise, and train your team to take control of your content. With a range of start up, one-off, and ongoing service options, our team can help you maintain your forwards momentum.

Build from Scratch

Our team can kickstart your build, delivering a live site and a suite of no-code tools, ready for you to take over the reins and publish content. 

Implement integrations

From martech platforms, internal ERPs, e-commerce systems, and more, we can help you build any content experience imaginable using existing providers or bespoke integrations.

Apply your branding

Content creation is easy with an extensive library of ready-to-use content assets. We apply your branding so you create consistent, on-brand content, with less design time required.

Automate content migration

Our team can automate data migration of content from your existing website CMS to your new site.

Support and service

Ongoing support and service through dedicated Slack channels and your own Customer Success Manager.


Our suite of no-code tools give you control over your content. We show you how to get the most out of Octana + Contentful, reducing bottlenecks and increasing output. 



The Octana toolset

Once we have implemented your site, you will receive a suite of integrated tools that work together to give you all of the functionality and capability you need to manage your Contentful site yourself ongoing. Select from Octana’s ready-to-use library of content components and start populating your pages to create fully responsive experiences.

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