Features / Octana Transporter

Reuse content in different Contentful environments and spaces

Effortlessly bundle content for export and import, allowing you to duplicate and repurpose content across environments, spaces, and sites.

  • Duplicate and republish components, pages, or layered content pieces, complete with working links.

  • Create fully functional backups before making significant changes.

  • Share reusable layouts, components, and designs with your team in Contentful's Media Library.

  • Easily move and repurpose content across multiple sites.


Reuse, relocate, duplicate

Deliver faster than ever by repurposing content from your other sites, pages, and projects reducing the time it takes to get similar content live.

Share best practice

Create a shared library of content examples, ensuring all teams benefit from the best hero elements, landing pages, and call-to-action examples from across your website.

Transport content in bulk

Export, import, move, backup, and save your content in bulk so you can use it wherever it’s needed. Or create a backup for the future.

Focus on what matters

Spend less time on data entry and manual processes and more time developing rich, optimized experiences.

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