Octana is a modern scalable framework for creating any website... with no compromises.

Octana comprises a world-class design system, frontend, integration layer and content authoring experience, for everything you need to deliver high-quality websites really fast.


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How does it work?

Build efficient, secure and high performing content managed sites fast and at scale.



Prototype collaboratively in a day using the Octana Design System. Expand your brand guidelines for digital with consistent UX & UI.


Choose React or Angular for the frontend. Leverage the existing library of features and existing integrations to start building the site in days, not weeks or months. Extend with custom features and integrations to meet your unique requirements.


World-class DevOps pipeline including support for migrations as you make changes to your content model. Deploy to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or self-host.

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Build with flexibility, founded in structure

Create high-quality experiences for your customers using a library of existing features, flexible to meet all content needs.

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World-Class Integrations

Modern tools, integrations and tech stack to keep your team happy.

  • Contentful
  • Cloudinary
  • Algolia
  • Auth0
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Why choose Octana?

For Digital Leaders

  • Modern, composable, scalable, high-performance tech stack.

  • Aggregate multiple sites for consistency and cost savings.

  • Faster time to market.

  • Flexible to support future growth and requirements.

  • Secure and enterprise-ready.

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For Marketing

  • Fast and rich experiences for customers.

  • Improve page load times to optimise digital media budgets.

  • Best practise SEO features.

  • Reduce time to launch new sites and landing pages to support campaigns.

  • Consolidate content authoring in a single platform whilst still retaining complete flexibility for different frontend experiences.

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