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Create rich, varied ‘no-code’ pages right within Contentful

Octana Core allows editors to build exactly the pages they need from an extensive suite of reusable content components. Those components are pre-connected to Octana’s SmartUI Kit for super-fast site builds or you can integrate your own front-end library for maximum control.


Octana SmartUI

Design without the design team.

  • A grab-and-go library of design assets to meet any visual design and content requirement. 

  • Easily iterate and extend your design by incorporating your own styles, layouts, and custom components.

  • Start styling quickly with our ready-to-use UI kit, or apply your own — Octana will work with any visual design framework.


Octana Core NPM Packages

Build complex content experiences, easily.

  • Our core set of code packages provide the ability to build and iterate complex, multi-level content from the front end without developer input.

  • Connect the dots by combining Contentful data with your internal systems or cloud platforms to ensure a single source of truth across your website content.


Octana app for Contentful

Manage, scale, and customize.

  • Populate pages immediately with a ready-to-use library of content components.

  • Create freely with non-prescriptive content blocks that can be easily extended and customised without touching a line of code.

  • Visual oriented editing tools, live previews, and easy-to-use import/export functions allow content editors to update, replicate, edit, and iterate quickly.


Speed to market

Kickstart your website build with ready-to-use content building blocks. Publish highly adaptable, extendable, and customizable content at pace.

Improve site performance

Faster load times and better performance by delivering only the necessary information to the frontend.

Designed for change

Built to meet the challenges of ever-changing content environments, Octana gives you a quick-start point that can be endlessly adapted to give you complete flexibility and control within any framework.

Built for your whole team

Iteration is unavoidable in website design. Octana reduces friction caused by frequent and ongoing changes by making it easier to adapt content, without the need for developers.

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