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Simple control over your information architecture and SEO

Octana brings a structured sitemap editor right into the Contentful web app.

  • Visualize the information architecture (site map) of your website.

  • Quickly make structural changes without requiring developers.

  • Easily identify SEO issues and bulk edit page URL and metadata information.


Adaptable architecture

Adaptable site architecture gives you the flexibility to adjust and organize your website without touching a line of code.

Better SEO

Easily view and bulk edit pages that require SEO attention — address essential issues without repetitive actions and optimize your site for more inbound organic traffic.

Improve on the fly

Complete flexibility allows you to make frequent and fast changes to your site architecture, so you can start building now, test iterations, and update quickly.

Made for marketers

MapMaster gives you back control over your content organization. Manage the structure of the site without needing to engage developers.

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