Octana + Contentful

Contentful is the world’s leading API-first content platform (commonly known as headless CMS).




How it works

Contentful provides the world’s leading Content Management Experience for your content authors and creators. Octana provides a world-class design system, frontend and integration layer for everything else you need to deliver high-quality sites fast on Contentful.


Prototype collaboratively in a day using the Octana Design System. Expand your brand guidelines for digital with consistent UX & UI.


Choose React or Angular for the frontend. Leverage the existing library of features and existing integrations to start building the site in days, not weeks or months. Extend with custom features and integrations to meet your unique requirements.


World-class DevOps pipeline including support for migrations as you make changes to your content model. Deploy to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or self-host.

Why choose Octana


Speed to market

Significantly speed up time to market for new websites or new content on your existing website.

Improve page load time

Improve page speed scores which will positively impact digital media budgets and conversion rates.

Add, swap, remove

The composable approach allows adding, removing and swapping of other digital tools and technologies as requirements change.

A better human experience

Create a better Human Experience (HX) for internal digital teams and customers.

Powerful Content Authoring Tools

  • Preview your content from the front end. 

  • Deeplink straight into the content type in Contentful to quickly edit the exact content you want to change.

  • See the structure of your page, link to the style guide and quickly make changes to layout and styles.

  • You are not constrained to templates. Respond quickly to new content requirements.

Enterprise Ready

  • A single content hub for all your content creation teams

  • Guaranteed SLAs and options for single-tenant and multi-region infrastructure support your most critical business needs

  • Customizable roles and tasks for granular workflows

  • SSO, teams and user management API help manage large organizations


Ready to learn more?

All it takes is 30 minutes to see how Octana will help you crush your KPI’s and objectives.

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