Features / Octana SmartUI

Fully customizable prebuilt interface components

Get going fast with Octana’s library of common interface elements like buttons, tables, icons, and more. Entirely customizable to look and feel like your brand in a snap.

Draft asset → not for live presentation
  • Quickly apply your brand to a UI kit of ready-to-use navigation and content components.

  • Start building your site immediately with grab-and-go building blocks.

  • Make it your own by incorporating custom styles, layouts, and components.

Speed to market

Dodge the design time and create consistent content fast. Grab-and-go content assets allow you to build and publish entire sites quickly and easily.

Content driven design

Components and layouts respond to the content within them allowing editors to make quick, iterative changes rather than limiting themselves to prescribed boxes templates.

Feels like “you”

Alter or adjust every UI element to match your brand. Whatever your visual design requirements, the kit can be adjusted to fit.

No-code responsive design

Create smooth experiences that work seamlessly across any device. Control how each content element appears across different screen sizes without waiting for developers.

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