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Extend your site with data and martech add-ons

Octana’s pluggable architecture makes connecting to other platforms easy. Data can flow seamlessly through your Octana site from martech platforms, internal ERPs, e-commerce systems, and more, allowing you to create accurate, data-driven experiences.

  • Build any content experience imaginable using existing providers or bespoke integrations.

  • Eliminate the need for double handling and data duplication in your website CMS.

  • Maintain a single source of truth across your data.

Connect everything

Quickly connect your backend systems, ecommerce platforms, or martech solutions, creating a seamless, data-driven experience for your customers.

Optimized data handling

Eliminate the double-handling of data and the additional internal costs of dealing with data-related errors.

Completely composable

The freely interchangeable ecosystem allows you to add, swap and remove integrations at any time without rebuilding your website.

Respond faster

Streamlined integrations between your enterprise systems and website allow you to respond and adapt to new business requirements quickly.

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