Octana Roadmap

We are continually releasing enhancements and new features to Octana. Also bear in mind, that custom features and integrations are a built-in part of the framework and can be delivered anytime.

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Q2 2022

Performance Enhancement

Octana is 100% committed to striving for the best performance possible. We are planning to implement pre-rendering to help improve PageSpeed metrics as the next step.

Q3 2022

New Content Author Mode

We have a new Content Author Enhancement (previously known as Debug) in internal QA right now. This will greatly enhance the experience for Content Authors. This will also include new Inspect features + new sidebar menu for your Octana site Style Guide, which will make it easier to see the feature specs relevant to the feature you are looking at on the page.

Q3 2022


We have identified that the best way to improve the Content Author experience is to make it easier to create new complex content from scratch. We feel that an export/import approach is the most flexible way to achieve this. This will allow Content Authors to create content in another environment and then export and import it into a new environment. It would also allow for exporting an example feature in the Octana Style Guide and importing it where you want to use it. We feel this is going to save a lot of time when creating new content.

Q4 2022

Visual Grid Editor

Grids are awesome and provide a huge amount of flexibility for Content Authors, however, we feel we can make the experience more visual for creating and editing grids. We may also look to combine the Grid feature with the Full Width Container into a single feature, keeping all the existing options.

Q4 2022

Octana + Ecommerce

Octana is looking to expand into e-commerce, and the focus will be on a Shopify integration.