Harnessing the Power of Contentful — Octana Launches Contentful App

The Octana App, launched this week on the Contentful marketplace, makes it easier than ever for marketers to design, build, and manage world-class Contentful websites.


It's the ultimate tool kit for organizations looking to lead the way with data-driven content experiences while continuing to react quickly and publish content at pace. 

The Octana app builds on Contentful's powerful functionality providing a suite of low-code/no-code tools enabling marketing teams to take control of their content and operate with less developer and designer input.

Marketing teams need to be able to publish sites and content fast to react to rapidly changing business needs. Addressing the familiar challenges of lean teams and shared resources, Octana empowers marketers to take ownership of their site and content, and to operate with increased independence. 

The ability to easily build entire sites with ready-to-use components and customizable design assets allows marketers to publish new pages in hours, not months. This independence also reduces reliance on developer teams and expensive agency input — saving as much as 40% on the ongoing cost of enterprise-level website management. 

Octana's Contentful App addresses three critical challenges faced by content-driven organizations: 

  1. Ready-to-use content components allow marketers to move swiftly to create whole pages with limited developer input. 

  2. Centralized styling tools allow branding to be applied site-wide without a complete rebuild. 

  3. Extensive integration options create opportunities for data-driven experiences to be created and iterated easily.

  4. A click-to-edit provides fast, fuss-free page editing. 

Octana is available now on the Contentful marketplace. Licensing is directly tied to Contentful Spaces, and full support is provided by the Octana team. Book a demo to see how you can achieve more on Contentful, faster than ever.