Octana Contentful app



The Octana Contentful app is intended to be used by high-performance websites built using the Octana SDK, and Octana recommended Content Model for Contentful. The purpose of the Octana Contentful app is to enhance and supplement the content authoring experience in the Contentful Web App or can also be optionally configured to support the Compose app (if required).

Install to Contentful


Installation Guide


Core Features


Control your site structure without code, plus easily bulk edit SEO and metadata fields.

  • Treeview of your content entries for the Content Type used for Pages by URL or by parent-child relationship;

  • Keyword search;

  • Bulk edit with the option to choose which fields you want to appear in this view;

  • Bulk Publish / Archive / Delete;

  • Filter by Page Type;

  • Filter by Status;

  • Filter by fields missing data (e.g. Meta Title, Meta Description) - the fields can be configured in the app configuration.

How to Guide

Effortlessly bundle, share, and reuse your content where you need it, fast.

  • Export any nested content entries with the ability to filter and select the fields and nested entries you want to include;

  • Export to the Media in the Contentful Space/Environment or export to a .zip file that can then be used to import into any other Contentful Space/Environment;

  • Import into a rich text field or at the Space/Environment;

  • Granular control of what to import, and the option to either overwrite or import as new;

  • Option to bulk rename the imported entries;

  • Imported entries will be unpublished and tagged to make them easy to find and publish when ready;

How to Guide

These features will work with any Contentful Content Model and website frontend/integration layer tech stack. For MapMaster, it assumes that you have a Content Type that represents a Page and a field in that content type for the URL.