Octana Kickstarter

Everything you need to build and manage beautiful websites on Contentful

Octana’s KickStarter offers a complete bundle to give you everything you need to get your Contentful website up and running. 

Whether building a completely new site or re-platforming an existing site, the combination of Octana + Contentful is the fastest and most predictable way to get your site live. 

Kickstarter: Go-Live in 100 Days (or less)

Days 1-14

Create UI Kit

Apply your organization's brand and existing design system to the Octana SmartUI kit. 

This will provide you with a comprehensive set of components with the unique visual design for your brand.

Days 15-21

Octana Core Build

Octana will provision your organization's digital style guide and Octana SmartUI kit for the site, including all core Octana features + existing integrations.

Your content authors can start creating pages and loading content from this point or engage Octana's team to help.

Days 22-99

Data Migration + Custom Features & Integrations

Octana can optionally migrate data from the existing CMS adding new integrations + any custom features.

New features are released iteratively as they are ready. Can include content import from an existing CMS.

Day 100


Octana will manage your deployment to Netlify, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or self-host.

Manage your site ongoing with the Octana app for Contentful with SLA and support available.


What you get

  • Quickly apply your brand to a UI kit of ready-to-use navigation and content components.

  • Start building your site immediately with grab-and-go building blocks.

  • Make it your own by incorporating custom styles, layouts, and components


KickStarter Offer


  • Implement your website on Contentful + Octana in less than 100 days for a single Contentful Space on the Premium Platform (Contentful licensing is not included, sold separately).

  • Apply your organization’s brand and design system to the UI Kit

  • Core build & standard implementation

  • Content author training & support

  • Forms integration for your martech platform

Included 1 year hosted on Netlify**.

20 hours


Optional Add-Ons

Automated data migration of content from your existing website CMS

20 hours for custom integrations and custom features


Prices are all in USD and exclude all local and state taxes 


Octana Core

Developer-free content creation using our toolbox of customizable content components.

Octana SmartUI

Your inbuilt design team. Craft visually consistent content with grab-and-go design assets.

Octana Integrate

Create engaging, data-driven experiences through endless enterprise integrations.


Octana QuickEdit

Know exactly what you’re editing with our frontend click-to-edit interface.

Octana MapMaster

Control your site structure without code, plus easily bulk edit SEO and metadata fields.

Octana Transporter

Effortlessly bundle, share, and reuse your content where you need it, fast.

Request a demo

It takes 30 minutes to see how Octana's KickStarter for Contentful Premium will get your site live in 100 days or less.

Why Octana?

  • Faster delivery

  • Predictable timeline and budget

  • World-class tech stack

  • Easily extensible for any custom requirements

  • We can provide an SLA + professional services

  • Demo of Octana Contentful Apps

*Pricing Assumptions: 
  • Contentful licensing is not included, sold separately

  • Excludes integration of content and data from other third-party sources other than supported martech forms integrations - professional services can be purchased for additional integrations

  • Excludes new components. Should new components be required then, additional professional services may be purchased and added onto the KickStarter Services Package to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

  • Cost of hosting is only included if hosting via Octana on Netlify. Customers can choose to host anywhere else at their own cost. 

  • Once you’ve populated your site with your content and are ready for launch, we will work with you to take the site live.

  • ** Fair use policy applies.